SSAT Anotation Tool

SSAT is presentely an in-progress project of a free and interactive anotation tool for the computer vision community, it eases the way reseachers can annotate data from massive video datasets.


Note that for the moment the annotation tool has only versions for MAC and Windows, to install the tool in this two operating systems visit this link and dowload the application installer

Code Compiling

If the user prefers to compile the source code there are two major dependencies, the user will have to install OpenCv 3.0 or 3.1 with contrib libraries, and then execute the cmake file in an environment that has qt libraries.

Proper use

There are a few requirements thata make the SSAT work properly.

Alt text Presently, the bounding box based annotations are still being developed hence, they do not work properly, the user can create boxes on the screen and they are saved, but the bounding boxes can’t be removed or changed in the core of the SSAT